I’m Amy B. Scher: writer, teacher, and book proposal coach.

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If you have words you want to get out in the world but need some support, you’re in the right place. With no college degree or formal writing education, I’m proof that anyone can become a published author. And I’m here to help you. No overwhelm, guaranteed. 


AMY B. SCHER is an award-winning and bestselling author.
With a background in both publishing and marketing (i.e. Harley-Davidson), Amy has been recognized for her unique ability to bridge the gap between the craft of writing and the business of being an author.

Because Amy understands that WRITE BOOK is no easy task, she thrives on helping authors get their books planned and their proposals done. No overwhelm, guaranteed. Amy has sold all four of her books “on proposal” (meaning she’s dialed in on writing killer proposals to get a deal).

Her work has been featured in Washington Post, Cosmopolitan, CNN, CBS, The Los Angeles Review of Books, The Rumpus and more.

She lives in New York City with her beautiful wife and bad cat.

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