Book Planning & Proposals


From concept to finish line, I help authors plan their books and get their proposals done, right. No overwhelm, guaranteed.

Non-fiction is almost always sold “on proposal.” That means you get to show publishers what you plan to write, but don’t actually have to write it until you get a book deal. It’s pretty awesome.

But there’s a catch.

Your proposal, which outlines all the details of your project, has to be so insanely good that editors fall in love with it and believe that readers will, too.

This is where I come in.

I’ll help you clarify your book’s focus, organize your work, and pull all the pieces together in the most interesting and effective way.

We’ll work together in smart, digestible steps to not only get your proposal done; but get it done right.



I’ll help you plan the smartest way to approach your project and break it down into simple, manageable steps.


We’ll build a proposal that highlights your unique work and proves why your book deserves to be published.


Voila. I’ll leave you with a completed and compelling proposal and the confidence to get it out there, at last.


A great book takes more than just great writing.

Most authors make a critical mistake when writing: they start with the book and not the proposal. And they end up focusing on what they think is important instead of what editors think is important.

With four major publishing deals of my own, I’ve been right where you are now.

That’s why I have an obsessive focus on the end result — making sure you include all the right elements to create a project that will convince publishers your book deserves to be out in the world.

I’ll help make sure your proposal:

  • Is completed during a 6-8 week timeline
  • Is engaging from the first sentence
  • Aligns with current markets
  • Offers a strategic and interesting angle even if your topic isn’t new
  • Is compelling from a sales and marketing perspective

Plan a book and write a proposal that sells

I'm ready

Amy has a unique ability to highlight the exciting creative aspects of a project while also strategically outlining exactly what publishers need to see from a business perspective in order to make an offer.

Diana Ventimiglia / Acquisitions Editor

As a literary agent for over 13 years, Amy has shown me the ability to organize, structure, and powerfully present a non-fiction book proposal that thoroughly engages the editor and their publisher, assuring the salability of any book.

Steven Harris / Literary Agent

Not in a million years did I expect you to read my mind, but you did. Thank you for everything!

KC / Client

I'd been struggling for months when Amy swooped in and helped me write a killer proposal!

Testimonial - Jacob
Jacob / Client

WOW. I can't believe it. Amy, you are a master Sensei.

Julie / Client

Book planning and proposals, done with you.

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