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Strategy Sessions

Are you just starting out with an idea or project and need someone to help you sort through it all? Or maybe you’re halfway through and totally stuck?

I offer 60-minute results-driven sessions to help get you and your project moving forward. By the time we get off the phone, you’ll have a solid plan plus a ‘to do’ list with your first few actionable steps to make things happen. I’ll even follow-up with an email afterward to hold you accountable. Remember, the only way to start (or finish) is to actually do the work and start (or finish).

Here’s what I can address in a strategy session:

  • Figure out what direction is best to take with a specific idea
  • Give you advice and insight tailored to your project
  • Break down your project into do-able steps with deadlines
  • Answer any and all of your questions about writing and publishing
  • Offer you resources of where to go, what to do next, and how to pull it off
  • Give you a pep talk if applicable (I’m so good at pep talks)

Fee: $250

Book Planning & Proposals

To write a great book (and sell it to a publisher), you need more than an idea. You need a plan. You need a structure. You need to know what you’re writing and who is going to read it. You need a framework for your project. Writing a book proposal will accomplish all of that for you.

I’ve got your covered and offer both intimate, small group programs and one-on-one mentoring.

No matter which you choose, I’ll help you go from “great idea” to a solid and salable book proposal over a 6-week period. And I’ll make sure you never feel alone while doing it.

Click to learn more about my approach to book planning and proposals.

Intimate, small group programs

My small group programs were originally held only in-person in New York City but are now available via Zoom as well (thank you, 2020).

Over a 6-week period, we’ll meet weekly to craft our book proposals, together, with an intimate and supportive group that’s got your back (max 6-8 people). I’ll lead you through each section giving you invaluable guidance as you write.

Interested? Please contact me to get on the list for the next group.

One-on-one mentoring

Just you and me, kid. We’ll be working closely together over the 6-week period pinging work back and forth to create a proposal that sings. I work for a flat fee until we get it all absolutely perfect.

I offer full professional publishing insight for your project including strategizing, planning, editing, and author support.

How It Works

I work with clients on a 6- week timeline, which means you will have a completed proposal by the end of that period. No overwhelm, guaranteed.

I work and write with you, not for you. Many book planning and proposal coaches interview their clients, gather all the data, and then go off to work on it themselves. There is nothing wrong with this. But I do it differently.

This means my service does not include ghost writing – i.e., writing content for the author. However, while still retaining the integrity of your own writing, I will offer as much detail as possible in terms of suggested edits and often include written examples, which you are free to use.

Here’s why I work in this way.

I believe your book will come out infinitely better if you have been part of the process of figuring it out, sketching it out, and writing it out. You’ll be confident when you go to write the book because you’ll have a solid outline that you are connected to and believe in.

All The Details

Writing a great proposal takes a lot of work. But it’s so much easier (and even dare I say fun) when you follow the right path and have the right help. I work hard to ensure every proposal is one I’d be proud to send out the door as my own.

First, we’ll schedule a call to to plan the very best way to present your book’s concept in the proposal. I’ll make sure we have a strong and clear focus –  so it’s easy for editors to decipher what your book is about, the elements it will include, and where it fits within the current market.

Next, we’ll go section by section to create your proposal, pinging work back and forth via email – revising it until it’s perfect. We’ll talk, write, and edit together … all the way to the finish line.

Then, because I say “time makes us smarter” with this work, we’ll do one final read-through at the end and make some tiny additions or tweaks. When it’s all locked, I’ll have it proofread by a professional (because after we’ve read it that many times, our eyes deserve a break).

Finally, you’ll be ready to use your brilliant book proposal to land yourself an agent and/or awesome book deal. If you want me to edit your query letter to agents, I’ll happily do that for free. Just ask!

My flat fee is all-inclusive:

  • A kickoff call to discuss the scope of your project, brainstorm ideas, and create a solid plan for our work
  • Guidance to create a salable concept, flow, and structure for the book project
  • Content insight and edits on each section of the proposal until it’s perfect (excludes your sample chapters*)
    *When we’re done, you’ll need to add 2-3 sample chapters to the end of your proposal. I can recommend great editors who specialize in this type of editing if you need help with those.
  • Unlimited communication via email to ensure the project continues moving forward
  • Editing of your agent pitch letter just to give you that extra support in the home stretch

I also recognize that we sometimes feel blocked during the creative process. So I’m here to help you with that too, if needed, so you can get back to work.

Fee: Two payments of $2500 

I charge a flat fee with $2500 due upon signing and $2500 due upon completion (total $5,000).

Other options

To discuss a package with limited revision rounds, please feel free to contact me.

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