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One-on-one coaching

How It Works

I offer full professional publishing insight for your project including strategizing, planning, editing, and author support.

Here’s how my book proposal coaching works.

Step #1

We start together with a kick-off call to plan the very best way to present your book’s concept in the proposal. I’ll make sure we have a strong and clear focus – making it easy for editors to decipher what your book is about, the elements it will include, and where it fits within the current market.

Step #2

Once we’re set on the big picture concept, we’ll tackle each section together in little homework assignments, working on one or more every week depending on our pace. While many people are comfortable with a 6-week goal plan, if you’d like a little more time and space, you’re welcome to stretch it out a bit longer.

Step #3

We’ll be in communication the entire time, pinging work back and forth via email – revising it until it’s perfect. We’ll talk, write, and edit together … all the way to the finish line. When we’re done, you’ll be ready to use your brilliant book proposal to land yourself an agent and/or awesome book deal.

All the Details

Writing a great proposal takes a lot of work. But it’s so much easier (and even fun) when you follow the right path and have the right help.

I work hard to ensure every proposal is one I’d be proud to send out the door as my own.

Coaching includes:

  • A kickoff call to discuss the scope of the project, brainstorm ideas, and create a solid plan for our work
  • One additional chat per week, if needed, to discuss each step along the way (typically around 30 minutes each)
  • Guidance to create a salable concept, flow, and structure for the book project
  • Content insight on each section of the proposal
  • Sample chapter review and editing for clarity and content (up to 3 chapters)
  • Communication via email to ensure the project continues moving forward

Please note: My service does not include ghost writing – i.e., writing content for the author; or developmental edits – i.e., changing the integrity or structure of your work. However, I always offer as much detail as possible in terms of suggested edits and often include written examples which you are free to use.


I have two fee structures depending on what you need my help with. I charge a flat fee for working from start to finish on the entire proposal (unlimited hours included! Hooray). If you only need me to help with certain parts of your proposal, I charge an hourly fee.

Please contact me to discuss your specific project.

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